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Texas San Antonio Granite

Granite Remnants in San Antonio, Texas

Once considered an option only for the well-off, the mass importing of granite from Brazil, India, and China in the mid-nineties, made this leading countertop material available to the broader US population. With thousands of styles to choose from and a wide range of price points, granite quickly became the most popular countertop material in the country and remains so to this day. Granite is prized for its design versatility and durable characteristics. An igneous rock, granite is formed when molten magma is subjected to thousands of years of intense pressure, a process that creates an exceptionally strong stone with a hardness level comparable to stainless steel. You should confidently specify granite for any and all applications both interior and exterior.

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GraniteUbatuba (Polished)
Dimensions58.0"L x 37.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteGiallo Ornamentale (Polished)
Dimensions72.0"L x 47.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteGiallo Ornamentale Dark (Polished)
Dimensions50.0"L x 23.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteAbsolute Black (Honed)
Dimensions52.0"L x 26.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteBordeaux (Polished)
Dimensions31.0"L x 25.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteGiallo Fiorito (Polished)
Dimensions38.0"L x 24.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteRoca Montana (Honed)
Dimensions36.0"L x 25.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteOrnamental (Polished)
Dimensions85.0"L x 47.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteFantasy Brown (Polished)
Dimensions32.0"L x 26.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteGran Ornamental (Polished)
Dimensions47.0"L x 25.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteFantasy Brown (Textured)
Dimensions60.0"L x 44.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteAmarelo Ornamental (Polished)
Dimensions72.0"L x 43.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteTan Brown (Polished)
Dimensions71.0"L x 25.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteAbsolute Black (Polished)
Dimensions45.0"L x 24.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteBaltic Brown (Polished)
Dimensions40.0"L x 39.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteKozmus (Polished)
Dimensions65.0"L x 40.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteGolden Riviera (Polished)
Dimensions48.0"L x 43.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
GraniteAlpine Summer (Polished)
Dimensions123.0"L x 24.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm