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Customer FAQ

No. CountertopSmart is an online marketplace. Our site connects buyers and sellers.

Users of CountertopSmart are limited to three holds at any given time.

Unfortunately, no. Stone remnant pieces are heavy and require specialty equipment to load and transport. For this reason shipping must be left up to carriers with specific capabilities.

In most cases, yes. Fabricators have the necessary equipment to safely transport remnants. You'll want to make sure to make the appropriate arrangements with your fabricator and the seller of the remnant prior to pick up.

Fixtures need to be delivered directly to you, the purchaser. It is important that you do not list an address where no one will be onsite to take delivery i.e., do not enter the address of your project site unless you are currently living at your project site and can take possession of the fixture. In other words, ship your fixtures to the same location that you would have an Amazon product shipped to.

CountertopSmart has a “no questions asked” refund policy on all purchases so long as the purchased stone has not been removed from the seller’s location or otherwise altered in any way. Did you purchase a stone and then decide to go another direction with your countertop? No problem!

No, CountertopSmart is the marketplace where you can find and purchase stone remnants. The next step is to have that stone remnant cut to size and installed in your home.

We understand that most folks don't have a countertop fabricator on speed-dial that can turn your remnant into a finished and installed countertop. But guess what? Every seller on CountertopSmart is a professional, site-vetted countertop fabricator and they can do the work for you. All of the sellers on the site are bound by competitive, pre-negotiated installation rates so you know that you'll be getting a great deal.

Your transaction with CountertopSmart will end with the purchase of your stone remnant but we're still looking out for you :)

Every seller on CountertopSmart has agreed to competitive, pre-negotiated installation rates that make it easy for a customer to estimate their "total project cost". Please use our handy "Project Cost Estimator" that you will find on each remnant product page to help estimate what your completed project will cost. Also, we have handy "how-to" videos that assist you in estimating the install cost. If you're still confused, no worries, please send us an email to [email protected] and we'll help you estimate the install cost!

Also, please keep in mind that every seller on the site has agreed to basic installation rates. Certain upgrade items such as upgraded edging profiles, laminated drop edges, demolition of your existing countertop, etc… should be discussed with the seller prior to contracting for the installation of your countertop.

Please review the basic installation pricing that all sellers on CountertopSmart have agreed to. You will find these rates under the tab titled "Review Install Rates". Or, check out the very next FAQ (see below).

  1. $35/sf Fabrication and Installation Rate*
    This includes a "standard eased edge profile". This rate does not include demolition of existing countertops, upgraded edge profiles, radial edges, added supports, specialty joinery i.e., mitered joints, and any specialty customer requests. Make sure to go over installation specifics with your fabricator prior to purchasing a remnant through the website.
  2. $250 per Farmhouse Sink Cut**
  3. 50 per Vessel Sink Cut**
  4. $175 per Undermount Kitchen Sink Cut**
    This includes any sink measuring equal to or greater than 20" side to side and 17" front to back.
  5. $125 per Undermount Vanity Sink Cut**
    This includes any sink measuring less than 20" side to side and 17" front to back.
  6. No Charge for Drop-in Sink Cut**
    There is no charge for "drop-in" sink cut.
* Additional charges may apply for projects under 10sf. Does not apply to Sintered and Quartzite stones.
** Faucet holes are included at no additional charge with all sink cuts

If you elect to ship your stone remnant to a third party fabricator, the CountertopSmart rates do not apply. Only sellers that sell you a stone remnant through the CountertopSmart marketplace are required to provide competitive market rates rates.

Additional services that you should discuss with a fabricator prior to contracting for the fabrication and install of your countertop include but are not limited to:

  • Demolition and disposal of your existing countertop
  • Sintered and quartzite remnants
  • The cost for an edge profile other than an "eased square edge" (also called a "standard eased edge") i.e., half bullnose edge, full bullnose edge, ogee edge, etc…
  • Trip charges for making multiple trips or long trips to accommodate your construction schedule.
  • Special joinery on your countertops; ie., a mitered edge on a kitchen island waterfall as opposed to a butt-jointed edge.
  • Laminated drop-edges.
  • Radial curves (countertops that require curves or semi-circles).

CountertopSmart is only a marketplace to purchase stone remnants. Any installation issues must be addressed directly with the fabricator of your countertop. We recommend that you perform due diligence when deciding who fabricates and installs your countertop. Review sites like Yelp and Google are great places to start. If you feel like you have been a victim of fraud or gross negligence please contact CountertopSmart at [email protected]

All remnants that will be shipped to destination fabricators will deliver in approximately 24-72 hours. If the destination fabricator has not received your ordered remnant within 72 hours please contact Countertopsmart for shipping updates. CountertopSmart does not expedite shipping of remnant pieces to destination fabricators. Please account for appropriate lead times when planning your countertop project.

CountertopSmart is a marketplace for the sale of stone remnants only. All matters concerned with the fabrication and install of the countertop must be directed to the party that has contracted to do said work. CountertopSmart recommends that all purchasers of stone remnants through CountertopSmart discuss lead times with their chosen fabricator in advance of purchasing through the CountertopSmart marketplace.

You can reach a CountertopSmart representative by calling or emailing:

[email protected]