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Texas San Antonio Quartzite

Quartzite Remnants in San Antonio, Texas

Quartzite is an exceptionally hard stone characterized by a beautiful, almost translucent depth. Compared to other countertop surfaces, quartzite is going to be more expensive than most natural and engineered stone options but given its exotic array of styles and somewhat limited availability, it’s easy to understand why. Quartzite is formed when quartz sandstone is subjected to heat and pressure, thus classifying it as a metamorphic rock similar to marble. Unlike marble, quartzite is highly resistant to staining and with a hardness rating that is slightly higher than granite, quartzite can withstand scratching and chipping from most kitchen utensils.

Shop quartzite remnants from pre-vetted and qualified countertop sellers in the San Antonio area.

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QuartziteWhite Macaubas (Polished)
Dimensions43.0"L x 23.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
QuartziteTaj Mahal (Honed)
Dimensions31.0"L x 37.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
QuartziteMont Blanc (Polished)
Dimensions32.0"L x 23.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
QuartziteTaj Mahal (Polished)
Dimensions103.0"L x 21.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
QuartziteTaj Mahal (Polished)
Dimensions73.0"L x 66.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm