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Marble Remnants in San Antonio, Texas

Marble is the surface of choice for creating atmospheres of subtle elegance and luxury. Marble has been used throughout history to create some of the planets most prized architecture and art, including the Roman Colosseum, the Washington Monument, and Michelangelo’s David. Its metamorphic formation, a terrestrial process that combines intense heat and pressure over thousands of years, creates a typically uniform base color with streaks of mineral veining. Marble’s popularity as a countertop surface is timeless but due to its relatively soft composition, it’s important to understand the applications for which marble is best suited before specifying it in your project. But make no mistake, the use of marble as a design statement has outweighed all other considerations for millions of American homeowners and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

Shop marble remnants from pre-vetted and qualified countertop sellers in the San Antonio area.

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5 results
MarbleDaino Reale (Polished)
Dimensions36.0"L x 23.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
MarbleCinderella Blue (Polished)
Dimensions43.0"L x 26.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
MarbleDaino Reale (Polished)
Dimensions50.0"L x 34.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
MarbleDedalus (Polished)
Dimensions38.0"L x 32.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm
MarbleGrey Goose (Polished)
Dimensions24.0"L x 56.0"W
Thickness3.0 cm