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Helpful Tips for Selecting Stone

January 31, 2020

Selecting a countertop for any room in your home can be a stressful event. We're here to help make the decision easier by providing you with some of our favorite tips for how to choose countertops!

Know Your "Installed Cost" 

The CountertopSmart remnant marketplace is a way to locate and purchase stone in sizes that are better suited to your project. And while we can save you big money on the stone, most homeowners will also need the remnant "fabricated and installed" (i.e., the stone needs to be cut to size, the edges finished, the sink holes created, and the countertop installed in your home). All of our sellers adhere to guaranteed rates and will quote you this work directly but you should include that cost while budgeting. CountertopSmart provides a "Project Cost Estimator" on every page that allows you to easily estimate your total installed cost prior to viewing the remnant. 

Choose A Material That Matches Your Lifestyle 

If you have rowdy kiddos, throw raging dinner parties, or work too hard all day to worry about upkeep, then you definitely have some additional factors to consider when making a selection. It is important to remember that not all stones are created equal and some stone species require more care than others. You know what type of household you are, so put some thought into the decision and choose a countertop stone that fits your lifestyle.

Stay True To Your Style

There are over 1,800 unique styles of stone on the CountertopSmart marketplace and it can be easy to get excited about exotic colors, iridescent shimmers, and eye-catching patterns. We love a bold design selection as much as anyone but your countertop has to work within the space that it resides. In most cases, your selection needs to tie the room together. If it's an "accent" you're going for, it should intentionally stand apart from an otherwise cohesive space.