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Traditionally countertops are sold in full slab quantities of 60 square feet. What happens if your project only requires 30 square feet? Or 15? CountertopSmart.com is an online marketplace that allows homeowners and construction trade professionals access to a little known secondary market of “countertop remnants”, or the remaining, unused portion of a full slab. We greatly expand customer options while saving them an average of 60-80% on the cost of stone.

Marble: A History of Sophistication

The Statue of David, the Washington Monument, the Taj mahal, and perhaps your next countertop? Best known for its white or cream colored base and veining that runs the spectrum from blue to gold, marble has long been a prized aesthetic solution for kitchen countertops, vanity countertops, bar tops and tables. Austin-area homeowners and interior designers love marble countertops for its unmistakable elegance and versatility. You’ll find marble countertops in the craftsman homes of Travis Heights and Hyde Park, in the classic and contemporary mansions and condos throughout West Austin and Downtown, and in the Spanish style, Texas Rustic homes of the Hill Country and lakes. Marble also can contain red to pinkish hues and even green marble has long been a staple of stone tile and wall cladding. You’ll find many cost-saving marble remnants on CountertopSmart.com, the only hard part is choosing the perfect type for your next project!

Completed kitchen with marble stone countertop

Marble is formed from a calcareous (calcium carbonate based) mineral composition which changes to stone through a metamorphic process of intense heat and pressure over millions of years. Impurities and minerals that coalesce into the channels of the stone give marble its celebrated veining. Carrara marble is perhaps the most well-known type of marble and is famously quarried in Italy, but you’ll find marble quarried all over the world from Europe to India and even right here in the United States.

Care and Maintenance:

Like all natural stone, marble is porous and requires sealing prior to use in addition to periodic re-application. Typically, your countertop installer will seal the marble surface with a film forming topical sealer comprised of natural wax or acrylic that protects against oils and waters. If a topical sealer is used, the upkeep shifts away from maintenance of the stone to maintenance of the sealer and using non-solvent based cleaning products is ideal. Water or solvent based impregnator sealers are designed to penetrate below the surface of the stone and fill the pores with water-repellent protection. At CountertopSmart, we advise that you consult your preferred fabricator for additional instruction on maintenance and care to keep your countertops looking their best.

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Granite: An Austin Favorite

As popular a selection as granite has been for both kitchen and vanity countertops, you’d think it’s been around as a surfacing material forever. Would you believe that granite didn’t actually become a darling of the countertop world until the mid-2000’s? While long valued for its durability and beautiful aesthetics, granite didn’t experience a meteoric rise in countertop application until countries like Brazil, China, and India started importing colossal amounts of granite to feed the roaring American housing market of the early 21st century. Granite currently dominates the countertop world in terms of installed square footage but here in Austin, granite plays an extra special role in our city’s history.

The Texas Capital building is famously built from Texas Pink and Sunset Red granite sourced from the Granite Mountain quarries just outside of Marble Falls— over 4000 train cars of it, in fact. So, the next time you see the Goddess of Liberty statue rising high above the Capital dome or stare out at the Hill Country sunset from the top of the pink granite formation known as Enchanted Rock, remember that if granite is good enough for the Lone Star State, it’s good enough for your next countertop project!

Granite stone countertop

Granite is a high density, weather and abrasion resistant stone formed from volcanic magma. A siliceous stone, granite is comprised of quartz and feldspar and is most often found in hues of pink, grey, black and white. With over 10,000 different types of granite surfacing material available, your design options are virtually inexhaustible.

Care and Maintenance

Granite is most often sealed with water or solvent based impregnating sealers designed to penetrate the surface of the stone and fill the pores with hydrophobic, water repelling protection. As with all natural stone, acidic or abrasive cleaners can damage the stone so make sure to use only manufacturer recommended brands and avoid leaving acidic foods and liquids on the surface to reduce the risk of etching.

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Quartzite: The Countertop for Depth and Durability

The use of quartzite as a countertop surface has grown exponentially more popular in the past ten years. It’s durability against abrasion and etching, and the rich depth of layering give quartzite both a functional and elegant distinction from some of the more well-known natural stone countertop options. Quartzite is most often found in tones of grey, white, and pink but mineral deposits that create the highly recognizable linear veining of quartzite can be found across the color spectrum. In Austin, as in most of the country, quartzite countertops come at a steep price. It’s frequently used as an alternative to marble countertops, as certain types of quartzite can offer an almost indistinguishable aesthetic to marble but with the benefit of added durability. Whether you live in Round Rock, Buda, Bastrop or Dripping Springs, consider using this sophisticated, tough as Texas, top on your next countertop project— CountertopSmart will keep it in your budget!

Bathroom countertop made with quartzite

Like slate and soapstone, quartzite is a siliceous stone that is formed over millions of years as sand is changed to stone through the metamorphic process of intense pressure and heat. Mineral deposits that form in the canals of quartzite provide a linear or fractured veining and in many instances, quartzite can possess the appearance of layered, translucent glass.

Care and Maintenance

Quartzite is an incredibly durable stone but it’s always prudent to apply periodic sealer for additional protection. Consider using an impregnating sealer or topical stone sealer depending on the sheen level that best suits your project. As with all natural stone, quartzite is porous and leaving acidic foods or liquids in contact with the countertop surface can cause etching over time. Only use gentle, non-solvent based cleaners or old fashioned warm water and soap.

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Quartz: It’s what everyone’s talking about!

Not to be confused with quartzite, quartz countertops are actually an engineered surface created by using 90% stone byproduct, usually quartz and granite, combined with 10% resin (often bio-based). These non-porous surfaces are popular for their durability and range of aesthetics, often created to replicate popular types of natural stone in addition to offering sleek, ultra-modern styles in every color under the sun. In the last 10 years, the popularity of quartz countertops has soared and though still playing second-fiddle to granite in terms of overall market share, quartz is the fastest growing countertop surfacing product in the world.

You might recognize quartz countertops by popular company brand names such as Silestone, Caesarstone, and Cambria but quartz countertops, regardless of the brand share one common origin: they’re all created using technology developed by a manufacturer out of Italy called Breton. “Bretonstone” processes and equipment are sold and licensed to 100+ different quartz countertop manufacturers around the world, which then create their own proprietary blends and processes to formulate the immense product offering available today.

Visit any countertop fabricator or kitchen and bath showroom in Austin and you’ll almost certainly be greeted with towers of quartz countertop options. If you’re working on a countertop project that does not require the use of full quartz slabs, then you’ve come to the right place. CountertopSmart has thousands of quartz options to choose from all located right here in the City of the Violet Crown.

Finished quartz countertop

Quartz: Composition

Quartz is an engineered stone product typically produced using the crumbly byproduct of quartz slab mining, although it’s just as likely that your quartz countertop contains finely crushed granite and other natural stone. When combined with approximately 10% polymer or bio-based resin and run through Bretonstone’s proprietary quartz slab manufacturing processes, highly durable, non-porous quartz countertops are produced.

Quartz: Care and Maintenance

The non-porous properties of quartz mean that you’ll never have to seal your quartz countertop. However, even though extremely durable, quartz is not invincible and you’ll want to take care to use trivets for hot pans, and clean up any spills within a reasonable time period. Should your quartz countertop stain, do not fret, as it’s most likely just a surface stain that can be removed using a non-solvent based, non-abrasive cleaning product such as Soft Scrub. Quartz can be susceptible to UV fading so it’s not an ideal surface for outdoor applications.

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